Last modified 9 years ago Last modified on 2009-11-06 14:33:57

The C used in 4D Plugin API is written to be as much easy to read as possible for beginners. We want to keep it as simple as possible to allow developers to write a plugin even if they are not experienced C developers. Keep that in mind if you edit the sources.

The goal is to provide a bridge between functions exposed in 4D and your plugin. It should include the minimal programming logics, complex algorithms should be in 4D or in the plugin code, but not in 4D Plugin API. If you want to share some useful routines to others, we would prefer that you create a separate folder where you share your sources.

Also, we know that experienced developers would appreciate an C++ API based on classes. If you start this project, it could be also stored in a different folder, so beginners can still continue to use the more easy to understand C procedural API while others can use the C++ one.

Also we take care of not tying the API with any platform API, we'll appreciate if it can continue like that. If you want to provide some utilities to use Windows or MacOSX native objects, it can also be in a separate utility file.