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If you want to work with 4D Plugin SDK, you can get the zipped file for v11, v12 and v14 versions from the Home page.

This page is for developpers who want to modify 4D Plugin SDK sources for fixes or enhancements.

You'll need a login, please send a mail to opensource@… using french or english, a login/password will be provided.

Install & Configure Tortoise SVN

(under windows)

  • Install & Restart
  1. Create a folder where the sources will be copied (say 'Sources')
  2. Right-clic on this folder and in the Tortoise contextual menu, select 'Create a repository here'. Some files and folder are automatically created in the Sources folder, do not touch them.

Create Repository Here

  1. Open the Sources folder. In the contextual menu, select 'SVN Checkout'

SVN Checkout

  1. A dialog appears asking the URL of the repository, provide the following values
  • URL of the repository (Read write mode):
  • The checkout directory: Source folder on your HD

SVN URL & Checkout directory

The Checkout start immediately.

SVN Transfer

A new folder is created in the Sources folder. It contains the sources on which you can start to work.


Ready to work..

Note : If you are connected through a proxy, you must provide the information in the TortoiseSVN options.