Last modified 5 years ago Last modified on 2014-09-22 09:18:14

The plugin rsr file is no longer mandatory in v14.

To replace THM#,STR#,FONT#,VAR# we use a json file named manifest.json.
The manifest file must be placed inside the "contents" folder of the plug in bundle.
The syntax is simple, here is a description of json keys use in the manifest.

Keys :

name -> plugin name
id -> plugin id (same as 4BNX)
commands-> is a array of commands

A command is described with 2 keys :
theme -> the theme name. For easy writing, this value can be a xliff resname , 4D will resolve xliff when loading the plugin.
syntax -> the command syntax

compiler variables -> is a string array, same as VAR# & VAR<>


"name": "test plugin",
"id": 15000,
"commands": [
       "theme": "",
       "syntax": "_test External"
       "theme": "testtheme1",
       "syntax": "command1(&L;&L):L"
      "theme": "System Commands",
      "syntax": "command2(&L;&L):L"
  "compiler variables": ["test_var:D","test_var1:L","<>test_var2:L"]

Constants (4DK#) can be define in XLIFF file, you can easily convert 4DK# to XLIFF with 4DPop Constant Editor