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Command Theme List


  • 2013 07 29 Plugin SDK v14 is here!

what's new:

Native drawing: v14 implements native drawing for plugin.

We changed the resources format for constants and methods to use JSON and XML.

Using the wizard open a .rsr or .rsrc. It will be converted to the new format. The v14 plugin Wizard will be able to read all themes, constants and methods from old resource format and automatically convert them.

The following API are not available anymore in the v12.x branch.

This APIs will not be supported in future releases of 4D.

4D Opensource Team.

As you may have noticed, since changeset 20, the plugin API is now separate in two branches v11.x (browse source) and v12.x (browse source). The v12.x branch is modified to handle the 64bit plugins. 64bit will be required for plugins executed with 4DServer 64 under Windows.

If you fix a bug in a branch, do not forget to fix in the other, if applicable.

4D Opensource Team.