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PDO_4D Project

PDO_4D is a driver for the PHP Data Objects (PDO) interface to enable access from PHP to 4D databases.


How to use PDO_4D on the Official PHP Web site:

Main PDO documentation:

SQL in 4D

4D SQL networking protocol

Source Repositories

PDO_4D published PECL packages

PDO_4D on the Official PHP SVN repository

Web View of the SVN repository


Everyone is invited to send their build to php[at]4d[dot]com
Please tell us also, for any build, if it worked for you or not via this email or the google group

Available builds/Download page


To support the open source community surrounding PDO_4D, a new Google Group has been started to serve as a hub of communications and exchange.

It provides a forum for developers and users of all backgrounds – whether 4D, PHP or otherwise – to share ideas, results, and news.

We are very interested by all your feedbacks and contributions like:

  • specific use cases
  • documentation enhancement
  • build experience and/or tutorial on any platform
  • bug reports
  • bug fixes
  • success story

Bug reports

PDO_4D open Bugs

Submit a PDO_4D Bug

PDO Bugs


PECL Package downloads


PDO_4D is Open Source and free to use in any commercial or non-commercial products